Hydrogen flow: Gasunie is interested in the salt cave H2 storage



Dutch gas supplier Gasunie says several market participants have reserved capacity for the first salt cave for large-scale hydrogen storage near the Dutch city of Groningen. According to the current plan, the first cave will be in use in 2028.

SFC energy has started production of hydrogen and methanol fuel cells at the New Delhi/Gurgaon plant in India. The hydrogen and methanol fuel cell supplier built and handed over the production plant in just six months together with its long-term Indian partner FCTecNrgy Pvt Ltd. said its goal is to generate an annual turnover of around 100 million euros ($110.4 million) through the development and production of innovative energy supply systems. SFC Energy has been operating in India since 2016. Most recently, it booked 33 million euros in orders for fuel cell-based energy supplies to the Indian armed forces.

Anglo-American platinum said it has a variety of uses for its metals, including industrial, automotive, technology, battery storage, food preservation, investments and jewelry. The world’s largest primary producer of platinum announced its 2023 interim results and said that it sees many other new uses for its metals, including the development of green hydrogen technology that is PGM (platinum group metals) intensive. According to the company, the growing hydrogen economy will be a decisive factor in the growth of global demand for platinum.

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