China’s solar industry: Three Gorges buys 2.2 GW of solar panels at $0.18-019/W



China Three Gorges Group has announced its latest solar module procurement results, while GCL-Si has revealed plans to raise 5.8 billion yuan ($812.9 million) through a directed loan to fund expansion.

GCL system integration (GCL SI) says it plans to raise up to 5.8 billion yuan through a private placement. The company will spend 3.4 billion yuan on a 20 GW solar cell (TOPCon) capacity program in Wuhu, Anhui province, and 800 million yuan on a 10 GWh smart energy storage system capacity expansion in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province. It also spends 1.6 billion yuan on working capital.

Xinyi Group says it has decided to increase its investment in Indonesia after CNBC reported that the company plans to invest $11 billion in quartz sand resources in the Rempang area of ​​Batam Island. Indonesia is a major producer of quartz sand, which is an important raw material for the glass and solar panel industry.

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