Canadian Solar EP Cube training course receives NABCEP Nod



Canadian sunn’s installation training has been certified North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)an important stamp of approval for installers of residential energy storage systems looking to upgrade their skills.

This course introduces the information and techniques needed for installation EP Cube residential energy storage system and is now available on the NABCEP website. After completion, participants will receive two NABCEP points and become an EP Cube certified installer.

Canadian Solar offers EP Cube certified installers many benefits to support their business. It makes it easy to sell and install the EP Cube, and offers support from training to system design and marketing.

EP Cube’s all-in-one design with an integrated hybrid inverter with batteries ensures a seamless installation process. The light, compact components are easy to transport. The EP Cube application makes commissioning quick and easy. Stacking plug and play battery modules saves time. Wiring is unnecessary, so one or two team members can complete the job in less than 30 minutes.

NABCEP certification is internationally recognized in the solar industry, enhancing the career of any installer. It formally recognizes the management of certain information systems to ensure the quality of products and services. This certification can help improve installers’ techniques and abilities, improve their reputation and credibility, and inspire consumer trust and loyalty.

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