More community solar is coming to Maine



Energywell Community Solar LLC – d/b/a Think Community Solar and a subsidiary of an energy technology company Energywell LLC – partnering with a national independent power producer (IPP) to expand community solar initiatives throughout Maine.

“We are excited to bring the benefits of community solar to the people of Maine,” said Steve Condon, vice president of community solar at Think Community Solar. “Thanks to our seamless enrollment process, participants save up to 10% on their utility bills for up to 20 years, while supporting local solar projects and making a positive impact on the environment.”

Energywell believes that along with its subsidiary Consider Energy LLCa licensed retail electricity supplier that sells 100% clean electricity at fixed rates and no cancellation fees, community solar connections are perfect for providing added value to customers through long-term savings.

“Our goal is to make a significant environmental impact and create a sustainable future for Maine,” emphasizes Michael Fallquist, CEO of Think Energy. “By connecting the participants’ user accounts to local solar farms, we enable our customers to produce clean electricity, create jobs and achieve long-term cost savings.

The impact of community solar extends far beyond individual households. By embracing renewable energy together, Maine residents play an important role in curbing climate change and creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

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