Argentina distributes 501 MW of solar electricity in a renewable energy auction



Argentine authorities have indicated 633.7 MW of renewable energy capacity in the country’s latest acquisition. The given solar power capacity comes from 44 planned solar power plants.

The Argentine Ministry of Energy has announced the results of the Renewable Energy Generation Tender RenMDI2 program. Initially, a production capacity of 620 MW was planned.

The ministry announced that it had selected 98 projects in the procurement procedure with a total of 633.7 MW, of which 501.1 MW of solar electricity was distributed among 44 projects. The remaining capacity comes from a 10 MW wind farm, a 3 MW biomass project, 29.9 MW biogas plants, 39 MW biomass plants and 19 small hydropower (PAH) projects with an output of 37.5 MW.

Solar energy projects are distributed in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Catamarca, Chaco, Córdoba, Corrientes, Formosa, La Pampa, La Rioja, Mendoza, Misiones, San Juan, Santa Fe and Santiago del Estero.

The winning bids guarantee 15-year supply contracts with Cammesa, which manages the country’s wholesale electricity market.

The procurement is the country’s first renewable energy public tender since 2019. In the same year, Argentina organized the third round of its RenovAr public tender, with a minimum price of $54.22/MWh.

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