Alfa Laval and Aalborg CSP join forces in energy storage



Alfa LavalSwedish company specializing in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and liquid handling Aalborg CSPa focused solar energy technology company, has formed a joint venture to develop Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) solutions.

The goal of the cooperation between Alfa Laval and Aalborg CSP is to increase molten salt heat exchanger technology know-how, product development and application know-how in order to promote the development of long-term energy-storing heat exchanger solutions.

The joint venture, which will be named Alfa Laval Aalborg Header-coil A/S, gives Alfa Laval the opportunity to expand its expertise and product offering in molten salt heat exchanger technology. The signing of the joint venture agreement is an important milestone in their efforts to develop innovative and efficient energy storage technologies.

“By joining forces with Aalborg CSP, we are taking a significant step towards our shared vision of a sustainable energy future,” says Thomas Moller, Head of Alfa Laval’s Energy Division. “Together, we are driving the development of cutting-edge long-term energy storage solutions in the belief that to solve some of the big challenges we face, we need to combine knowledge and resources.”

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