Tesla adds ‘Charge on Solar’ feature to Powerwall batteries



Tesla owners can select a feature in the app to set their Powerwall to charge their vehicles only with excess stored solar capacity.

Tesla has revealed that it has added a new ‘Charge on Solar’ feature to its Powerwall app, which allows vehicles to automatically charge with battery-powered solar energy. The app allows Tesla drivers to ensure that their vehicles are fully powered by local, emission-free electricity.

After a few simple prompts, users can set charging limits and locations and charge the batteries to a pre-defined level, relying only on the electricity generated by the rooftop solar panels.

The app allows the vehicles to adjust the charging power approximately every 10 seconds to match the excess solar energy and power consumption elsewhere in the owner’s home.

The batteries delay charging until there is at least 1.2 kW of solar energy in stable excess to maximize the efficiency and lifetime of the charging equipment. This helps to take into account the variation of solar energy and home load.

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