The American manufacturer presents a ceiling mount with an integrated sealant



Pegasus Solar has developed a pre-installed InstaFlash sealant for composite shingle roofs.

Pegasus Solar has announced InstaFlash, a new roof mount for composite shingle solar installations. The rack is pre-installed with a waterproof sealant designed to correct roof irregularities and seal missing pilot holes, cracked shingles and shingle seams.

That said, the rack is designed to make it easy to install in a variety of composite roof configurations and weather conditions. The sealant spreads immediately when the rack is attached to the ceiling, creating an instant watertight seal. It seals potential water intrusion points under the entire footprint of the stand.

Kai Stephan, CEO of Pegasus Solar, said InstaFlash is “the new guy” because it “virtually eliminates the possibility of user error.”

The uncured sealant is housed in a cage with a place for the sealant to spread during application, preventing messes and directing the material to where it is needed. InstaFlash can be installed in freezing or extreme heat (0 F to 170 F) and can be installed in the rain without leaking.

For pitched roofs, it can be installed on composite shingles or rolled asphalt, and for flat roofs on modified bitumen or structural roofing.

“When the fastener lands between the shingles in what’s called a ‘gap canyon,’ water can pass under a rigid tape, mastic, or rubber-type barrier,” said Kai Stephan, CEO of Pegasus Solar. “We realized that we needed a semi-liquid sealant to fully penetrate and seal this opening to eliminate potential leaks.”

The rack has a 25-year warranty, complies with the IBC and CBC code and is UL certified. A complete breakdown sheet can be found here.

“We started this model with a clean slate,” Stephan said. “The guiding principle was, ‘What are the most difficult challenges in comp ceiling installation, and how can we solve those challenges with a product that’s easy enough for a novice installer to master?'”

Pegasus Solar also offers rail systems, tile scissor brackets, tilt leg kits, tile replacements, pipe and accessory brackets, MLPE brackets and wire management systems.

Photo: Pegasus Solar

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