A fire struck an industrial building, a solar power system in Switzerland



A fire tore through an industrial building and its solar power system in Switzerland earlier this month, but the cause of the fire remains unclear.

A fire on July 8 destroyed an industrial building equipped with a solar power system in Vétroz, Switzerland. The local police posted several videos of the fire on their Twitter account. They said the fire required 140 firefighters and two helicopters to respond.

The fire also destroyed a truck and smoke spread to nearby areas, triggering an alert from local authorities who are still investigating the cause of the fire.

A week after the accident, the municipality of Vétroz announced that the rescue service completed its task of monitoring and cleaning up the remains and debris, including pieces of the solar power system.

“For this reason, the ban on grazing and fodder harvesting in that area will be lifted,” the municipality said. “The measure was introduced because of the risks these residues pose to animals that could have ingested them.”

Fragments of solar modules

Photo: Protection civile Valais

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