Hydrogen flow: A hydrogen network could cut Europe’s energy costs by 3.4 percent



German researchers say retrofitting gas grids for hydrogen, combined with expanding the electricity grid, could decarbonize Europe’s economy, while global ammonia trade could grow nearly 10-fold by 2050, according to S&P.

Technische Universität Berlin A hydrogen network linking areas with low-cost renewable potential to demand centers, electric fuel production and cave storage in Europe could reduce system costs by up to 26 billion euros ($29.2 billion) a year, according to researchers. “The existence of a new hydrogen network can reduce system costs by up to 3.4 percent,” the researchers wrote. They say that 64-69 percent of the hydrogen network could reuse gas pipelines, and that expanding both the hydrogen network and the electricity network would help achieve zero-emissions goals and cut costs by 9.9 percent, or €72 billion a year.

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