An Italian startup offers solar kits packed in barrels



Italian Barrel claims solar panels packaged in barrels are ideal for remote areas and conflict zones. Its standard packages consist of 6 kW solar modules, 5.6 kW single-phase hybrid inverters and 3.55 kWh lithium batteries.

Italian startup Barrel has developed a series of solar energy for remote areas and conflict zones that can be packed into typical oil barrels. It sells the solution in standard packages consisting of solar modules with a total power of 6 kW, a 5.6 kW single-phase hybrid inverter and 3.55 kWh lithium battery.

“Currently, Barrel is present in several markets, with a particular focus on Africa and the Middle East,” Barrel founder Matteo Villa said. pv-lehti Italia. “Before the pandemic, we focused on providing electricity services to hospitals, remote care centers and schools. Recently we have shipped our barrels to Cuba, Ukraine, Dubai and Oman. In Africa, we are present in, for example, Morocco, Senegal and Mali, and we are developing a hospital project in Angola and Mozambique. Our presence also extends to Nigeria and Ghana.

Villa said Barrel recently worked to support earthquake-affected areas in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region and Turkey.

“Our priority is always to provide immediate and reliable energy solutions during emergencies, helping communities recover and rebuild,” he said. “We will continue to work with international and local organizations to extend our support to other areas in need of energy assistance.”

The company has its own product line that uses technologies exclusively from Europe and the United States to meet the specific needs of the military supply chain. According to Villa, organizing and guaranteeing the maintenance of the integrated management processes of these institutions is a huge challenge.

“We understand the importance of sourced components to this industry and ensure that our products meet strict quality and safety standards,” said Villa. “Thanks to our partnerships with reliable European and American suppliers, we are able to offer high-quality energy solutions that meet the requirements of military organizations.”

Barrel’s goal is not only to provide technology, but also to provide integrated consulting to develop processes that guarantee the continuity of energy production for decades in NGOs managing thousands of energy points.

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