Japan’s 16th solar auction ended with a low bid of $0.065/kWh



Japan’s latest procurement was open to solar projects over 250kW. The lowest price was 9 JPY ($0.065)/kWh and the allocated capacity was 119.7 MW.

It was Japan’s sixteenth utility solar auction. It was to demonstrate 105 MW of generating capacity. The power of the selected 20 projects varies from 139.6 kW to 89.6 MW.

The lowest offer was 9 JPY/kWh, the highest was 9.34 JPY/kWh and the average final price was 9.48 JPY/kWh. The the ceiling price was set at 9.50 JPY/kWh.

In the 15th solar energy auction, which ended in March, the Green Investment Promotion Organization awarded only 16.2 MW of the 175 MW tendered. The lowest bid in the auction was 9.48 JPY/kWh and the average final price was 9.56 JPY.

In the 14th exercise held in November 2022, the Japanese authorities awarded 137.2 MW of solar capacity out of the 175 MW tendered. The lowest bid was 9.65 JPY/kWh and the average final price was 9.73 JPY/kWh.

Solar electricity capacity given in the 12th procurement procedure completed in June 2022 was 153.7 MW. The lowest bid was 8.85 JPY/kWh. In the 11th auction held in March 2022, the solar power output was 268.7 MW and the lowest bid was 8.99 JPY/kWh.

In 2021, the Japanese government allocated 675 MW of solar power capacity in three different auctions. In previous auctions, it allocated 942 MW.

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