Indian state announces tender for 100 MW of floating solar power



The Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) is looking for developers to build 100 MW of floating solar capacity in the Indian state of Punjab.

PEDA is looking for potential developers to set up 100 MW floating solar projects of various sizes in Punjab. The projects are to be developed on the build-your-own-use principle.

PEDA said it plans to gather information on the feasibility of floating solar power projects. It selects the developers by tendering. It said it plans to collect data on the feasibility of floating solar power projects and interact with potential developers in the market so that PEDA can prepare and invite bids to select floating solar power developers to build for their own use.

The electricity produced from the projects will be purchased by the state electricity distribution company in the long term at a price determined by a tender.

In another development, Rajasthan Electronics and Instruments has started accepting bids for setting up a total of 50 MWp of grid connected solar power plants at government buildings in various states and federations of India. The developer is also responsible for 25 years of operation and maintenance support.

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