Chile publishes bidding conditions for the 5,400 GWh renewable energy storage auction



Chilean authorities want to source 5,400 GWh of electricity from renewable energy, including battery storage. Selected developers secure 20-year Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Chile’s energy regulator, the CNE, has published tender rules LicitaciĆ³n Suministro 2023/01 for the renewable energy tender that supplies electricity to regulated customers.

CNE said in a statement that the planned auction is a total of 5,400 GWh divided into two blocks of 1,800 GWh and 3,600 GWh to cover consumption in 2027-2028.

Selected developers can add storage technologies with a duration of at least 4 hours to their projects and have the right to secure 20-year power purchase agreements. Bidders have until December 23 to submit project proposals.

According to the latest data from Acera, Chile’s renewable energy association, 6,950 MW of renewable energy and storage projects are currently under construction in the country. About 68% of them are solar projects and 25% are wind projects.

In addition, 231 MW of storage projects are under construction, 68 MW have been approved and 57 MW are under review. The combined capacity of the solar projects with storage is 2,930 MW.

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