The Dutch government is considering a ban on solar electricity for agricultural sites



Dutch Economy Minister Micky Adriaansens said this week that he aims to make it impossible to install solar power plants on agricultural land, with some unspecified exceptions. The plan has raised concerns at Holland Solar, with the trade group warning of potential harm to farmers and solar project developers.

Dutch Minister of Economy and Climate Micky Adriaansens stated in a letter to the Parliament this week that new restrictions are being considered for ground-mounted solar power plants on agricultural land.

The regulations could come into force in July 2024, with preliminary details to be announced in September this year. It seems that the ban applies to nature areas and agricultural land.

In a priority system known as the “Zonneladder”, rooftop solar sites are prioritized over ground sites. It creates a hierarchy for evaluating location suitability, with large solar farms only allowed if a higher option is not feasible.

Holland Solar said the new ban could hurt farmers and solar developers. It also noted that it is important that local governments have the final say in issuing permits.

“Municipalities can properly assess the situation on the spot,” it said. “There may be exceptions to the ban, but they have not been decided yet.”

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