Prasham Greens introduces dewatering presses for solar panels



India’s Prasham Greens has designed dewatering presses to remove accumulated water from the edges of solar panels after rain and water-based cleaning.

Prasham Greens, an Indian PV module cleaning specialist, has designed dewatering presses to remove water from the edges of solar panels after rain or water-based cleaning sessions.

Water pooling around the edges of solar panels can cause mud and dirt to build up, shortening the lifespan of the panels and reducing power generation due to hot spots, scaling and shading effects.

Prasham offers dewatering clamps that can be easily installed on the panel frame to prevent contamination. According to the company, these clamps can improve electricity production by 2 to 10 percent.

Made of high tensile ABS-based composite material, the clamps are resistant to physical shocks and chemical corrosion. They are also cost-effective, non-toxic and environmentally friendly when recycled.

“The ABS material alone is not enough to last a long time in the sunlight, because it becomes brittle. So we add four different chemicals to improve its shelf life by about 10-12 years,” Prasham Greens CEO Jainam Shah said. pv magazine.

The fasteners are available in sizes to fit 35mm and 40mm PV panel frames.

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