Ireland extends solar rebates to commercial and industrial PV



The Irish government has decided to grant rebates from €2,700 ($2,930) to €162,600 for solar projects with a capacity of 6 kW to 1 MW under the country’s net metering system.

Rebates will be granted to facilities that operate under the country’s net metering system, which was introduced in December 2021. Prior to the latest announcement, rebates were only granted to household solar systems of less than 6 kW.

Rebates for commercial and industrial systems range from €2,700 to €162,600 and cover up to 30 percent of the funds needed to purchase and install solar panels.

“The amended system will initially operate until the end of 2023, after which it will be assessed and subject to the normal budget process for 2024-2025,” SEAI said, noting that the new reductions will cost up to €15 million. 2023. “SEAI will implement the necessary changes and open applications under the amended guidelines in mid-July.”

“This Government move demonstrates Ireland’s continued commitment to supporting all our citizens, businesses and community organizations – to be part of our journey towards cleaner, cheaper and renewable energy,” said Environment Minister Eamon Ryan.

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