A new application for calculating the payback period of rooftop solar systems



Originally developed for the German market, the Amortisator app is now available in the Apple and Google Play stores. The application, which is primarily aimed at customer advisors, is available for a monthly fee of 9.99 euros ($10.93).

For years, Kai Schuhmacher traveled around Germany as a consultant for owners of solar power systems. He said the immediate question all customers ask is, “When will my solar system pay for itself?” The answer depends on many individual factors, and the amortization period is usually between eight and 16 years.

Schumacher said that many consultants still currently do these calculations in Excel spreadsheets that they have created themselves, which they say is the best way to give their clients the most accurate answer possible.

“The online tools that have been available on various sites for years haven’t really convinced me,” he stated.

He always wanted a uniform and at the same time simple calculation method that could be used directly at the customer’s place. He now claims to have developed such a tool himself and called it Amortisator. It is an app that can be purchased initially from the Apple Store and soon from the Google Play Store and is available in German, English, Spanish and French.

He said the app is aimed primarily at customer advisors and costs €9.99 ($10.9) a month. It can be canceled monthly.

The application offers advisers and clients a quick depreciation calculation, which can also be sent to non-application users by email. In the calculation, it uses inputs such as system performance and size, as well as information about ceilings and funding requirements.

With the application, Schuhmacher also wants to give potential solar electricity customers the opportunity to find a customer advisor in their own area. In this regard, there is an integrated chat that allows customers to contact them. In addition, the application is said to help customers evaluate previous consulting services. All of this is free for those who might be interested in solar power, Schumacher said.

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