Gamesa releases a new grid forming central inverter



Spanish manufacturer Gamesa says a new hybrid version of its Proteus inverter can be connected to large batteries. It can work in grid tracking and grid generation mode.

Gamesa Electric presented its Proteus center PV inverter at Intersolar 2022. It won the Intersolar Award and also won the award pv magazine award.

A year later at Intersolar, the company presented the hybrid inverter Proteus PCS-E. It is described as the most powerful device on the market capable of managing large energy storage systems. The product offers scalability and can reach 5.6 MVA battery discharge power at 40 C and 1300 V with an efficiency of 99%.

The Proteus PCS-E is available in several configurations, including single or dual bus options to handle two separate batteries. It supports different voltage levels: 4183 kVA, 4365 kVA, 4607 kVA, 4910 kVA and 5153 kVA. It can work in both network monitoring and network formation mode, acting as a current or voltage source. In network formation mode, it can operate independently of the network and generate its own alternating current.

Gamesa Electric noted the external durability of the Proteus PCS-E, as it is designed to withstand challenging environmental conditions.

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