Renac releases a solar-optimized electric car charger



Renac Power’s new range of AC chargers can be used with all electric vehicles (EV) and solar power systems. The devices support intelligent valley price charging and dynamic load balancing and optimize charging with additional solar energy.

Renac Power’s AC charger is capable of charging EVs with 100% renewable energy from excess solar power and working in sync with on-site energy storage systems. It can be combined with all known electric cars and is suitable for single-phase and three-phase electric homes.

The single-phase 7 kW charger has a nominal AC input voltage of 230 V and a maximum AC output current of 32 A. Three-phase chargers have a nominal AC input voltage of 400 V and a maximum output current of 16 A for the 11 kW version and 32 A for the 22 kW charger.

The dimensions of the device are 248 mm x 400 mm x 135 mm and the weight is 6.5 kilograms. It works in the ambient temperature range of -20 to 60 degrees Celsius. The charger also has IP65 protection and a cooling system based on natural convection.

The new EV charger series supports smart valley charging, which shifts charging to off-peak hours. It is also capable of dynamic load balancing, constantly monitoring changes in energy use and adjusting the charging power according to changes in the electrical load of electric cars.

It also enables remote firmware update and working mode settings via the Renac Smart Charger app, including general mode, PV mode and Eco mode.

“This product is intended for residential use, and its compatibility with household solar storage systems is a major advantage,” a Renac Power spokesperson said. pv magazine. “Our plan is to bring it to the European market in October. The product will be available first in Germany, Italy, France, Spain and then in other countries.

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