Hydrogen flow: China is building the world’s largest solar-powered hydrogen production facility



China’s Sinopec has launched the world’s largest solar-hydrogen project in Xinjiang, while India has announced a new plan to encourage the production of green hydrogen and electrolysis equipment.

Sinopec has started the world’s largest solar-hydrogen project and the first of its kind in China. Located in the Xinjiang region, the facility includes a solar power generation complex, power transmission lines, a water electrolysis hydrogen production facility, hydrogen storage and transportation infrastructure. Its goal is to produce 20,000 tons of green hydrogen per year using solar energy in electrolysis. It can store 210,000 cubic meters of hydrogen and transport 28,000 cubic meters per hour.

Verde Hydrogen has agreed on the development and commissioning of a 2 MW green hydrogen electrolyser project in Morocco. “The project will be completed at the beginning of 2024” said a US company. The project features Verde Hydrogen’s 2 MW container electrolysers with a total of five modules, including two 20-foot tanks and two 40-foot containers in a compact structure.

HyCC has made a contract McPhy supplies electrolysers and Technip Energies for the design and construction of a 20 MW green hydrogen plant in Delfzijl, the Netherlands. The implementation of the agreement requires a final investment decision, which HyCC plans to make later this year. The facility operated by HyCC uses McPhy electrolyzers to produce up to 3,000 tons of green hydrogen per year from renewable electricity and water. OCI Methanol Europe uses green hydrogen to produce renewable methanol, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by up to 27,000 tonnes per year, HyCC said.

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