Sofar announces a new microinverter series



The Chinese inverter and battery manufacturer Sofar has launched a new series of microinverters for balcony solar systems and rooftop electrical systems. They have an efficiency of 97.5% and a rated power of 500 VA to 2,400 VA.

“Sofar is designed for the digital home energy of the future,” a Sofar spokesperson said pv magazine. “It fits all scenarios thanks to the combination of micro-inverter, smart home hub and AC battery, providing an easy-to-share, easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution that maximizes the return on investment of installing solar power at home.”

The series includes three different microinverters with outputs from 500 VA to 2400 VA. The smallest product has a maximum output power of 550 VA and an output current of up to 2.3 A. Its dimensions are 145 mm x 165 mm x 42 mm and the weight is 2.2 kg.

The medium-sized microinverter has maximum output powers of 600 VA, 800 VA and 1100 VA, and output current ranges from 2.6 A to 4.5 A. It measures 195 mm x 210 mm x 42 mm and weighs 4.2 kg.

The largest microinverter has maximum output powers of 1,760 VA, 2,200 VA and 2,640 VA and an output current of 6.7 A to 10.9 A. It measures 295 mm x 210 mm x 42 mm and weighs 5.5 kg.

All models feature 58V maximum input voltages, 97.5% efficiency and 99.5% maximum power point tracking (MPPT). They all also offer IP67 protection.

“Together with battery storage, the PowerNano provides stable back-up power in the event of power outages, which can cause significant financial losses, improving own utilization and reducing utility bills,” the spokesperson said. “Suitable for balcony and ceiling installations, PowerNano is incredibly easy to install thanks to the plug-and-play feature, which streamlines installation and use.”

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