China PV Industry Brief: CNMIA, Longi Announce Lower Wafer Prices



The China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association reported this week that wafer prices fell by as much as 5.6% compared to the previous week. Disc manufacturer Longi, on the other hand, said that the downward trend in prices bottomed out at the end of June, and demand was now starting to pick up.

Meanwhile, Long announced a 32.72% reduction in the price of its p-type M10 wafers with a thickness of 150um to CNY2.93 per unit compared to a month earlier. The manufacturer published an optimistic outlook for the second half of 2023 at a conference held with investors. “Since May, the prices of solar products have fluctuated wildly and some end customers have a wait-and-see strategy, which had a short-term impact on the market,” the company said in response to an investor’s question. “However, at the end of June, the drop in prices bottomed out and demand started to grow again.”

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