An Italian supplier presents a new solar garden system



The Italian Giulio Barbieri has developed a solar pergola for the garden that can be combined with battery storage and offers 3 kW to 5 kW power and 5 kW storage capacity.

It was developed by the Italian garden editor Giulio Barbieri isothermal PV pergola that can be connected to battery storage. “The Eclettica Solar Power” solution is a waterproof, snow-repellent pergola.

The manufacturer describes it as “a new synthesis that responds to the growing and unstoppable green sensibility combined with the search for environment, warmth and visual comfort that satisfies all the senses. The pergola can be equipped with 3.06 kW, 4.08 kW and 5.10 kW photovoltaic systems with half-cut modules and 500 W power from the Slovenian panel manufacturer Bisol.

The system can also be equipped one or two batteries for energy storage. The the company offers an optional “high efficiency” storage system designed for home security.

The PV pergola is also equipped with a 4 kW hybrid inverter, which allows the connection of one or two external 5 kWh lithium-iron phosphate batteries capable of guaranteeing 10,000 discharge and charge cycles while maintaining 70% residual capacity. This results in a low risk of household fires and environmentally friendly technology, the company said.

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In the latest issue pv magazine we turn the spotlight on Europe’s solar energy by conducting a comprehensive review of the state of the solar industry in the region’s most important markets and examining legislation aimed at driving the roof solar boom. We also explore the difficulty of establishing a solar panel recycling industry in Australia, where the industry background is unhelpful.

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