Solarday introduces TOPcon technology in a new production line



With its new module, the company targets households and small industrial installation applications with a product designed especially for small spaces.

TOPCon technology is developed in the Glass-Glass 410-430 W TEN HCD module, where the efficiency of the n-type cell is combined with the highly durable Smart Vitrum double glass, which extends the life cycle of the module and withstands extreme weather conditions. phenomena.

Which resulted in TEN HCD 410-430

Solarday Europe decided to invest in the development of this new technology to offer its partners an innovative and sustainable European product. They understood that in order to satisfy the interests of their partners, they first had to listen carefully to the needs of the end users.

The TEN HCD 410-430 module is designed for households or small industrial installations. Its dimensions allow for high modularity in available space, as well as better performance and a longer life cycle. This line is designed to meet the energy needs of individuals or companies, who with this module can get great results in small spaces thanks to a reliable, durable and above all “Made in Italy” product.

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Solarday establishes the Golden Partner program

Solarday Europe has also established a premium partner program to support and offer more benefits to loyal installers and resellers. The biggest advantages of the program are five-year extended guarantees for the entire product range, planned delivery and price stability.

Another interesting aspect is the marketing and training services that Solarday reserves for members of the Golden Partner program. The company offers real support to program members, starting with the organization of co-sponsored webinars, intensive product training, joint digital campaigns, participation in targeted customer events, and finally the opportunity to have your own space at international trade fairs. in the Solarday booth.

“We don’t just sell products to our customers, there is much more,” says Aleix Montraveta, Global Sales Manager of Solarday Europe. “Our mission is to create solutions that help our partners achieve their goals. Building value through collaboration is actually one of the goals that Solarday pursues and promotes in the solar market. This is exactly what prompted us to establish a benefit program for partners who, like us, believe in the value of a European product.

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