Switzerland becomes a gigawatt solar energy market



Switzerland had its best year for new solar installations in 2022, with installed capacity exceeding 1,000 MW, according to Swissolar’s preliminary statistics. At the end of December, the country exceeded 4.6 GW of cumulative solar energy capacity.

Swiss solar association Swissolar has published preliminary figures on the development of the solar energy market in 2022. According to it, the country installed more than 1 GW of solar electricity for the first time last year.

The statistics confirm what SolarPower Europe reported in its “Global Market Outlook” report, which was recently released at the Intersolar trade fair in Munich, Germany.

In comparison, Switzerland used approximately 683 MW of solar electricity in 2021. According to Swissolar, this is the third year in a row that demand for solar electricity increased by more than 40%. Around 200,000 PV systems are now installed in Switzerland, with a combined capacity of more than 4.6 GW.

This year, Swissolar expects the solar market to grow by more than 20%.

“Thanks to high motivation, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, solar companies have managed to grow at record levels,” said Matthias Egli, CEO of Swissolar.

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