The Thermax unit will commission a wind-solar hybrid power plant in India



Thermax subsidiary First Energy has commissioned a 45.8 MW wind-solar hybrid plant in India for industrial consumers.

Thermax subsidiary First Energy has commissioned a 45.80 MW wind-solar hybrid power plant in the Indian state of Gujarat. The installed capacity includes 24.3 MW of wind power and 21.50 MW of solar energy.

“The project was completed on schedule with no accidents,” said Thermax. “The plant is estimated to reduce the carbon equivalent by 1,11,700 tons per year.”

The facility has more than 50,000 solar modules and nine wind turbine generator units, each of which has a production capacity of 2.7 MW.

Thermax – based in Pune, India – designs, builds and commissions turnkey power plants. Its business portfolio also includes heating, cooling, water and waste management products as well as specialty chemicals. The group has 14 manufacturing facilities in India, Europe and Southeast Asia and has 38 wholly owned Indian and international subsidiaries.

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