Panasonic introduces a new home battery



Panasonic’s EverVolt home battery supports DC and AC connection for new and existing solar panels.

Panasonic North America has announced the new generation EverVolt home battery, a modular energy storage device that supports both DC and AC switching. This flexibility makes the battery a good fit for both new and existing solar installations.

The storage system includes a hybrid inverter and a lithium ferrophosphate battery. It also includes SmartBox, a home energy management device.

Each battery is modular in 4.6 kWh increments, providing up to 18.4 kWh per battery. Up to four EverVolt batteries can be connected to one SmartBox, resulting in up to 30 kW of power and 72 kWh of usable energy.

Up to 15.2 kW solar modules can be connected to three maximum power point trackers. The battery offers up to 7.6 kW of continuous reserve power in one battery.

The battery’s 160A AC current helps keep more devices running continuously, and it can run on both 120V and 240V without a transformer. It has a lifetime of 6,000 with a peak efficiency of 98% and a CEC-weighted efficiency of 97.5%. It also allows for 200% solar oversizing, which means the solar capacity can exceed the inverter capacity by up to 200%.

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