The main causes of solar performance problems



A new report by HelioVolta shows that 62 percent of the inspected solar projects have critical or serious problems.

Every year, solar technical advice from HelioVolta publishes a report on the efficiency and safety of solar energy. It assesses the health of a PV system using over 60,000 data points ranging from 100 kW projects to 350 MW.

About 73% of the projects evaluated in this year’s report are located on commercial rooftops, 25% are ground-mounted installations, and 2% are solar carports. All projects are located in the United States.

HelioVolta identified significant problem areas affecting the performance and safety of solar power resources with critical or significant problems a staggering 62% of the audited projects. About 91% of the main problems in projects with critical risks were found in DC distribution components.

“Problems can be fixed before they become dangerous. Regular inspections and proactive O&M – especially in the DC distribution part of solar power systems – are critical for safe and reliable operation,” the report states.

HelioVolta noted that inverters often appear to be the cause of problems with a PV system, as they are typically the primary vehicle for energy yield data and error messages.

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