K2 releases the installation structure of green roofs



Installation systems supplier K2 presented several new solutions at Intersolar Europe, including a new installation structure for green roofs. It enables vertical and horizontal module lift of 10 degrees and 15 degrees, with maximum module sizes of 2,400 mm x 1,350 mm.

GreenRoof Vento allows vertical and horizontal module heights of 10 degrees and 15 degrees, with maximum module sizes of 2,400 mm x 1,350 mm. It can also be applied to existing ceilings.

“The new member of the K2 product family firstly ensures a sturdy footing and secondly – due to the greater distance from the module to the ceiling – it reliably prevents shading caused by overgrowth,” said the company’s spokesperson. pv magazine. “The legs hold firmly in place, but are designed small enough to allow the moss and succulents to still receive light and water so they can still make their valuable contribution.”

The fastening system manufacturer plans to integrate the new solution into the solar project planning tool K2 Base by the end of the third quarter of 2023 for quick and easy installation.

According to a recent study, the power of photovoltaic systems can be increased by up to 8% when installed on green roofs. The cooling effect of plants evaporating and evaporating, their ability to absorb dust, and the diffuse reflection of sunlight through leaves are the main factors that determine this performance improvement.

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