SolarEdge, SolarGik trigger tracking solution for agricultural electric power



SolarEdge and Israeli startup SolarGik have developed a new solar tracking system for agrovoltaics. It includes the installation structure, inverters, power optimizers, monitoring devices and monitoring platform.

The overall solution developed with SolarGik includes installation structures, inverters, power optimizers, a separate monitoring device per structure and a monitoring platform.

Arnold Bourges, SolarEdge France sales director, said the height of the structure allows agricultural machinery to pass by, while the spacing of the poles can be adjusted to minimize ground clearance. Each structure is independent, so the panels can be oriented differently depending on the location of the field or variations in the terrain.

SolarEdge is already deploying the technology in major projects around the world, although no further details were provided.

The company has also implemented a storage system for commercial buildings in the C&I solar energy sector. The DC-connected system has a capacity of 58 kWh and supports indoor use.

It allows up to eight batteries to be connected to the inverter, with a total capacity of 464 kWh. DC-coupled architecture reduces losses compared to AC-coupled alternatives by eliminating two AC-DC converters.

The storage system is expected to be available in the second half of 2024.

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