Hydrogen flow: The hydrogen market will overtake LNG by 2030, says Deloitte



Deloitte says it expects steady growth in the hydrogen market, with annual revenue forecast to reach $1.4 trillion by 2050, while Denmark and the Netherlands have begun discussions on hydrogen cooperation with the governments of Namibia, South Africa and Morocco.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen met with Namibian President Hage Geingob to discuss energy cooperation. The purpose of their visit is to explore opportunities for energy deals with Namibia, particularly related to the country’s multi-billion dollar green hydrogen projects. Rotten considered its intention to enhance green hydrogen cooperation with companies and knowledge institutes. In addition, two European leaders will visit South Africa and Morocco participate in discussions about hydrogen cooperation. In May, Namibia launched the feasibility phase of the green hydrogen project agreement The goal with hydrogen energy.

University of Alberta Researchers have studied small modular nuclear power plants (SMNRPP) and their impact on hydrogen procurement costs. Their findings show that in electricity markets with a high dependence on fossil fuels, the cost of supplying hydrogen can range from C$1.77/kg ($1.34/kg) to C$3.36/kg, while in markets with a low dependence on fossil fuels the range is estimated to be 2.11 CAD/kg to 2.77 CAD/kg. Their analysis, described in the paper “Assessing the cost-competitiveness of electrolytic hydrogen production from small modular nuclear reactor-based power plants: a price-following perspective”, involved combining financial deliverables and levelized cost analysis models. The researchers also considered the adaptability of SMNRPP power based on fluctuations in electricity market prices. They highlighted that the SMNRPP electrolysis system proves to be more cost-effective than fossil fuel-based hydrogen production with a capital cost reduction of CAD 4,700/kW, with capital costs accounting for 75% of the variation in hydrogen supply costs. The study was published in Applied energy

Iqony energies has announced plans to build a 53 MW electrolysis plant in Saarland, Germany. The company’s goal is to promote the decarbonisation of industry in the region, including the steel industry and the mobility sector. Iqony Energies CEO Anke Langner said that waiting for a sufficiently efficient European hydrogen pipeline network can hinder the rapid introduction of hydrogen in the industry.

Everfuel is started controlled venting process for all hydrogen trailers from the same supplier after a malfunction and leak was detected in one of its 12 trailers. The original investigation report identified the valve as the cause of the leak and acknowledged that it could be a systemic problem.

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