AD Green to commission 3 GW solar module factory in Vietnam



The new production facility is located in Thai Binh and produces modules mainly for the US market. It currently has a capacity of 500 MW and is expected to reach 3 GW within 12 months

The facility currently has a capacity of 500 MW and is expected to reach 3 GW within 12 months. “The fully operational facility will start supplying 540 W monocrystalline solar panels to its customers both domestically and abroad starting this month,” the company said in a statement.

The manufacturer also explained that the new plant will produce modules mainly for the US market, taking advantage of the tariff exemption for solar panels from Vietnam announced by the US government in June 2022.

“This exemption, which lasts up to 24 months, allows AD Green to meet the explosive demand for solar energy in the United States, opening up new opportunities for the company to expand its market presence and contribute to the global renewable energy transition,” it stated.

AD Green is a subsidiary of the Vietnamese Damsan Joint Stock Company, which operates mainly in the textile industry.

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