India’s Cliantech Solutions will deliver a 600 MW solar power production line to the United Arab Emirates



Cliantech Solutions has agreed to supply a 600 MW turnkey solar panel production line to Magnus Green Solar in Dubai.

Dubai-based Magnus Green Solar has partnered with India’s Cliantech Solutions to set up a 600 MW fully automated solar module manufacturing line capable of producing mono PERC, bifacial and TOPCon modules.

“This milestone project marks the first 600MW automated generation line in the Dubai region, incorporating the latest technologies and paving the way for more sustainable energy solutions,” said Cliantech Solutions.

Cliantech Solutions Director Navneet Mehrotra said pv magazine that it will supply Suzhou Gaorun’s turnkey line automation equipment, Visual Automation’s laminator, Asic-PY’s EL/VI tester, and HSPV’s Sun simulator to the Magnus production facility. It also manages the design, installation and commissioning of the plant.

“By establishing a specialized team in the UAE, Cliantech Solutions aims to enhance its ability to meet the unique requirements of international customers by providing turnkey solutions that are consistent with global standards,” the company said.

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