The owner of Northvolt starts the heat pump business



Northvolt’s parent company Vargas has launched a new business company Aira, which sells heat pumps for a monthly fee. The project is in the pilot phase in Italy and will expand to Germany and Great Britain later this year. It plans to start production in 2024 at a plant in Wroclaw, Poland.

The Swedish company said it aims to become “Europe’s number one direct-to-consumer brand”. It assembles heat pumps in a new factory in Wroclaw, Poland, where production is scheduled to start in 2024. Aira’s heat pump business assembles parts manufactured by other suppliers, according to Aira’s recent report. Screened.

Aira says it makes heat pumps affordable and easy to use by offering “zero upfront costs” with a monthly payment model. This is claimed to reduce heating costs by 30%.

The company guarantees a fast and seamless customer experience, moving from initial quote to installation in just four weeks. This is significant because the high demand for heat pumps in Europe has increased the waiting times for the technology.

The company is currently testing its solutions in Italy and will launch later this year in Germany and Great Britain. It aims to be present in more than 20 markets by 2030 and employs more than 10,000 clean energy experts and technicians across Europe. Aira says that its heat pumps will serve five million European homes within 10 years.

Aira also plans to integrate heat pumps with home energy storage and roof electricity. It said in a statement that its entire home energy ecosystem is managed on a fully integrated digital platform.

“Using clean energy technology for every home, Aira changes the heating of residential buildings and accelerates Europe’s energy transition and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions,” said Martin Lewerth, CEO of Aira. “Today, consumers spend thousands of euros on inefficient, dirty and expensive gas heating. We make heat pumps affordable and reduce energy bills and emissions. Our unique direct-to-consumer model is dramatically changing the way European families heat their homes.

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