Sun awning for recreational vehicles



Eco-dynamic Tech’s 1000W solar tents for recreational vehicles (RVs) feature flexible heterojunction solar cells and can be customized with a variety of color patterns.

There are many solar power options for RVs, from parking shelters Thu solar panels to be installed and portable solar panel kits. Eco-dynamic Tech, an Illinois-based company, has launched a new solar power option for RVs and its deployable solar tent. The 1000W system extends from the side of the vehicle, casts down shade and generates electricity from the sun. The awning is available in customizable color options that are highly resistant to fading.

“A solar product should not only be a practical device, it can also be a great piece of art,” said Michael Soon, Business Development Director of Eco-dynamic Tech.

Flexible heterojunction (HJT) cells provide 1040W peak power, 108.3V operating voltage and 9.6A operating current. The group can be fully retracted for storage.

With less than eight hours of sunlight, the awning can be used by large RVs. For example, it can run a 300W air conditioner for 26.6 hours, a 100W refrigerator for 53 hours, a typical laptop for 36.3 hours, and even a 2,800W oven for nearly three hours.

To store the awning’s clean energy production, the company recommends using a compatible battery bank on board. It provides help in troubleshooting compatibility issues.

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