Solis targets the South African C&I market with a new hybrid inverter



Ginlong has announced the launch of the new Solis S6 Advanced Power Hybrid Inverter, available exclusively in South Africa.

The Solis inverter has four models that allow PV input power from 42 kW to 70 kW and a maximum total load of 48 kW, with a maximum input voltage of 1000 V. It is protected by a 10-second, 200% surge protector. and can be connected to lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries with various battery protection features and custom charge/discharge time settings. The maximum charging and discharging current is 190A, while automatic UPS switching takes place within 10 ms.

The inverter is IP66 protected and weighs a maximum of 78 kg. It enables feeding excess power back into the grid and peak load in both self-consumption and generator mode. Its maximum efficiency is 97.6% and Europe’s efficiency is 97.0%.

“Solis has launched the new S6 Advanced Power Hybrid Inverter, which combines solar generator and battery connectivity to free South Africa’s power-hungry households and businesses from the unpredictability of daily power outages,” said James Frank, Solis Country Manager for South Africa.

He added that although the solar energy sector in South Africa is young compared to Europe and America, it is expanding explosively. He noted that Solis aims to equip local installers with its new inverter with information, support and training.

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