China’s solar power industry Briefly: Jinko is building a 56 GW vertically integrated solar power plant



JinkoSolar has announced construction of a 56GW vertically integrated solar plant in Shanxi Province, China, while Longi has begun construction of a 100GW wafer and a 50GW manufacturing facility.

Longi green Energy has started construction of a new production facility in Shaanxi province with a silicon wafer capacity of 100 GW and a solar cell capacity of 50 GW. With an investment of approximately 45.2 billion dollars, the facility is scheduled to become the world’s largest solar electricity production facility upon completion.

The China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNMIA) has published the latest prices for solar grade polysilicon with significant average declines. N-type polysilicon averaged CNY80/kg, down 22.52% from the previous week, while top-end P-type polysilicon averaged CNY75/kg, down 23.64%. Wafer prices have also decreased: N-type wafers have decreased by 15.21%, M10 wafers by 17.80% and G12 wafers by 17.30% weekly.

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