Maxeon, Samsung integrates heat pumps for residential use



Maxeon and Samsung have developed a cloud-to-cloud system to transfer data from Maxeon’s PV panels and batteries to Samsung’s home platform. Heat pump integration enables the use of additional solar energy to preheat rooms at certain times.

Maxeon and Samsung have announced plans to integrate their smart home energy management solutions, highlighting the rise of heat pump and residential solar integration. Earlier this week, SMA made a similar announcement, while SolarEdge revealed plans to partner with Samsung and German heat pump manufacturer Vaillant.

Singapore-based Maxeon is collaborating with Samsung to implement a cloud-to-cloud system. This system relays data from Maxeon’s solar panels and batteries to Samsung’s home platform, allowing excess solar energy to be used to preheat rooms at specific times, among other applications.

“Information about power generation and system status from relevant Maxeon products in the home … is shared with (Samsung’s) SmartThings Energy dashboard, providing homeowners with more visualization and control options,” a Maxeon spokesperson said. pv magazine. “For example, homeowners can take advantage of periods of solar overproduction to activate a SmartThings Energy dashboard that preheats certain rooms in the home using a Samsung heat pump, promoting self-consumption of renewable energy and savings on utility bills.”

The companies are also evaluating future integration opportunities related to electric vehicle chargers, virtual power plant programs and cross-selling products such as appliances, displays and solar systems, Maxeon said.

“Consumers have seen their relationship with energy change rapidly over the past few years and now want modern solutions that allow them to get more value from their energy systems,” said Maxeon CEO Bill Mulligan. “Cooperation with Samsung is intended for this. It has never been more important that our end customers take a more active role in their domestic energy consumption, understand how much money they can save by switching to a clean energy source and how much carbon they can prevent from entering the atmosphere.

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