Gautam Solar presents n-type TOPCon modules at Intersolar Europe



Indian manufacturer Gautam Solar launched n-type TOPCon solar modules for the residential, commercial, industrial and utility-scale solar markets at Intersolar Europe 2023. It offers modules in all-black, silver-framed, glass-to-glass bifacial and lightweight bifacial versions.

India’s Gautam Solar is exhibiting n-type TOPCon modules this week at Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany, with a focus on the European market.

It targets the residential and commercial and industrial (C&I) segments with modules ranging from 420 Wp to 435 Wp, while utility-sized and large C&I customers are served with 565-580 Wp modules.

“Europe is an important market for Indian solar module manufacturers and our new, more efficient products are ideal for Europe,” said Gautam Solar CEO Gautam Mohanka.

The 420 Wp and 435 Wp TOPCon modules are available in four versions: all black, silver bezel, glass-to-glass bifacial and lightweight bifacial to meet local size requirements.

The all-black panels feature a black backplate and black anodized aluminum alloy frame, which contrasts with the traditional white backplate and silver anodized aluminum alloy.

The glass-to-glass bifacial version offers rear side reinforcement of 10-30%. The combination of N-type TOPCon and bifacial technologies provides a 37% increase in power.

The lightweight bifacial modules use a transparent backplane for efficient backside power generation while maintaining a lightweight structure. They have 108 half-cut cells based on M10 wafers.

For utility and large C&I projects, the 565 Wp and 580 Wp modules feature 144 M10 wafer-based half-cut cells.

The company has also launched all-black mono PERC modules ranging from 400 Wp to 415 Wp.

“All of these modules feature a circular band for better light utilization, a non-destructive cell cut for increased reliability and less chance of micro-cracks, and half-cut cell technology for improved low-light performance. The optimal module size with M10 cells ensures maximum space utilization in a standard 40-foot container during shipping,” said Gautam Solar.

Gautam Solar is based in New Delhi and has four plants in Haridwar. The advanced modules are manufactured at the company’s production facilities in India. The company’s solar module capacity is 500 MWp, and it plans to expand to 1 GWp by September 2023.

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