Alfen presents a plug-and-play mobile energy storage system



Alfen has released a new series of battery storage modules with a capacity of 360 kWh, 540 kWh or 720 kWh. Fully integrated systems have been developed for events, festivals, construction sites, marine applications and EV charging stations.

“An evolution of its compact 10-foot mobile container unit, Alfen’s most advanced battery system to date offers an emission-free, quiet and quick-to-deploy option for a variety of applications from events, festivals and construction sites to marine applications and electric car charging stations,” the company said in a statement. “The mobile plug and play system also supports small network connections, allowing users to increase the capacity of their local connection or offer a solution for weak network connections or network balancing services.”

BatteryMobile X contains lithium iron phosphate batteries (LFP) and an input power of 270 kW. It supports 50 Hz and 60 Hz frequencies.

The dimensions of the battery are 2.99 mx 2.44 mx 2.59 m and the weight is 7,000–11,000 kg, depending on the capacity. It fits into an IP54 rated 10ft tank.

“Its easy plug and play format allows for a wide range of use cases,” the manufacturer said. “The units can be used, for example, independently, as part of a local microgrid at a business location, grouped to increase power or as additional power for peak loads (peakshaving).”

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