Mango Power launches hybrid battery inverter for households and presents C&I solutions at Intersolar Europe



At this year’s Intersolar, Mango Power will be opening up for wholesale orders from European customers for some of its most innovative product solutions, including the recently launched hybrid battery inverter. The manufacturer is also presenting its commercial and industrial solutions for the first time in Europe.

The recently launched Mango Power M hybrid battery inverter with a maximum charge and discharge current of 100 A and a battery voltage range of 40-60 V includes 6 kW/10 kWh sizes, expandable to 36 kW/480 kWh. CATL LFP battery cells. It allows up to 10% overload to maximize the output power of the PV system and provides inductive loading specially designed for loads such as air conditioners, refrigerators and other critical equipment. In the event of a power outage, the system’s automatic off-grid switching time is less than 10 milliseconds.

C&I solutions for European customers

Also debuting at Intersolar Europe this year is the Mango Power High Voltage Energy Storage System (9.4 kWh/204 V, expandable to 23.5 kWh/512 V) with battery management features that include an LFP-46Ah-S main control unit and multiple ( 2~5) LFP-46Ah electrical box. These integrate with existing PCS systems (Power Conversion Systems) and can operate in both off-grid and on-grid scenarios. Mango Power’s Industrial Energy Storage Solutions (0.2-2MWh) have been tested to withstand the highest standards of electrical safety, chemical safety and mechanical safety. CATL LFP battery cells offer additional safety while ensuring high performance.

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Wholesale orders for other portable backup power solutions in Europe

The Mango Power E backup power system, which can also act as a portable power solution for camping and camping, is one of the systems now available for wholesale orders in Europe. It has 15 output ports and can be charged from various sources such as solar panels, grid and generators. It has a capacity of 3.5 kWh/69 Ah (expandable to 7 kWh), can handle multiple devices at the same time and supports solar charging up to 2 kW. Charging is fast, and 80% capacity is reached in just an hour. The system uses CATL LFP battery cells, has a lifespan of 6000 cycles, and has a five-year warranty for European customers.

Another backup and portable power solution available in Europe is the Mango Power Union, which has a battery capacity of 6.9 kWh and a power of 4 kW. It has 16 output ports and offers the flexibility to charge a wide variety of devices and equipment. The detachable portable module has a 2.3 kWh/2 kW battery capacity for on-the-go power and combines with a 4.6 kWh/2 kW main power plant for a home backup solution.

The solutions will be presented at Intersolar’s Mango Power booth, Hall B2, booth 275.

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