China has reportedly detained Chinese solar power executives in Munich



German police have arrested the head of a Chinese solar energy company a day before the start of the Intersolar Europe trade fair in Munich this week, according to Chinese media.

Chinese financial media Yicai later quoted German police as confirming the arrest of at least one person after arriving in Munich on a Lufthansa flight from Shanghai. The arrested person he was then reportedly brought before a district court judge in Augsburg, and the prosecutor’s office issued a remand order. However, the charges were later dropped due to certain unspecified circumstances, Yicai said, referring to German police.

pv magazine has tried to contact the German authorities but has not yet received a response.

“Energy Yanjiuyuan”, WeChat userit was reported that the arrested persons are related to Jetion Solar (Jetion Solar), Jiangsu Runda PV (Runda Solar) and Jiangsu Green Power PV (GPPV), which are subsidiaries of China National Building Material (CNBM).

One witness – an executive from an undisclosed Chinese solar company who arrived on the same flight – told Shanghai Securities News that another Chinese solar executive linked to an unnamed Chinese solar module maker had also been. prisoner German police at the Munich airport

Chinese industry analysts said the detentions could be related to visa issues, intellectual property rights issues or past trade compliance issues. The incident has raised concerns in China’s solar industry, according to Chinese sources.

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