PPA prices are falling across Europe, says Pexapark



According to Pexapark, power purchase agreement (PPA) prices are falling in Europe, with prices falling 6.4% in Spain and 6.2% in Portugal to €40.90 ($43.99)/MWh and €39.60/MWh, respectively.

Swiss consulting firm Pexapark noted in its April monthly report that the electricity market is now recovering following a series of uncontrollable events that have affected the European energy industry.

At the price level, the Pexa Euro Composite index decreased by 2.5% per month due to the decrease in the prices of electricity and raw materials. The biggest drop was in the Netherlands, 9.5% to €56.72/MWh, while Spain and Portugal saw 6.4% and 6.2% to €40.90/MWh and €39.60/MWh, respectively.

In Great Britain, however, prices rose in April by 3.5% to €82.29/MWh and in the Scandinavian countries by 1% to €50/MWh, while in Italy they rose by 0.7% to €75.60/MWh.

After a strong first quarter of 2023, PPA activity slowed in April with 16 announcements totaling approximately 922 MW, down 55% from March. This is the lowest monthly capacity since last September, when there were eight fewer registered contracts, representing a 33 percent drop.

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A notable deal this month was Statkraft’s acquisition of NextEnergy’s 210 MW Portuguese solar portfolio, resulting in the purchase of 341 GWh per year.

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