Hurtigruten Norway is planning a wind-solar ship with 60 MWh of storage



Hurtigruten Norway. cruise ship operator, said its new wind-solar powered cruise ship will be completed in 2030. Its storage capacity is 60 MWh.

The project involves cooperation with the Norwegian research institute Sintef and 12 other partners. The vessel will be equipped with three retractable wind sails integrated with solar panels, counter-rotating propellers and multiple propellers. The three autonomous platforms have 1,500 m² of solar panels and 750 m² of wind surface area, with a maximum height of 50 meters when fully extended.

To ensure power durability, batteries with a total capacity of 60 MWh are installed on the outer edges of the ship. These batteries are charged during the ship’s stay in port, which enables a range of 300-350 nautical miles. Additional technologies on board include air lubrication, advanced hull coating and proactive hull cleaning, as the company emphasizes.

Gerry Larsson-Fedde, director of Hurtigruten’s marine operations in Norway, stated that the ship would require seven to eight recharges during the 11-day voyage.

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