The German authority warns about faulty inverters in balcony electrical systems



The German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) has found problems with certain inverters that do not have a CE mark, German instructions or German dealer addresses. Due to defects, they are not suitable for distribution or use in the country.

Plug-in solar devices have gained popularity in Germany and can be seen on balconies and gardens. However, the Bundesnetzagentur has issued a warning about faulty inverters sold alongside these products, citing various risks.

The agency conducted tests on the inverters and found several defects. Examples of inverters missing the CE mark, German instructions or German dealer addresses have been found over the past year. The sale and use of products without CE marking or German documentation is not allowed in the country, as these requirements guarantee the safety of customers.

In metrological tests, the agency found solar inverters that did not meet the technical requirements. Proceedings have been initiated against manufacturers whose inverters meet formal requirements but have deficiencies in laboratory tests. Some products exceeded the legal limits of electromagnetic compatibility.

Manufacturers who do not meet these requirements can face European sales bans and fines of up to 100,000 euros ($107,420). Importers and traders who do not fulfill these obligations can be fined a maximum of 10,000 euros.

Klaus Müller, chairman of the Bundesnetzagentur, expressed concern about the presence of illegal or potentially dangerous products. The agency regularly tests electronic equipment, cooperates with customs authorities to prevent the importation of non-compliant products, and strives to ensure the safe use of solar power systems for consumers.

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