Sunways introduces hybrid inverters for rooftop applications



The efficiency of Sunway’s new three-phase hybrid inverters is up to 98.2% and the European efficiency is 97.4%. They are available in seven versions with outputs ranging from 15 kW to 33 kW.

According to Sunways, the STH 15-33 kW inverters have an oversizing ratio of 1.5 times and offer excellent compatibility with multiple components. The line consists of seven versions, whose powers vary between 15 kW and 33 kW. The inverters are 600 mm x 400 mm x 280 mm in size and weigh 45 kg.

The transformerless inverters have two maximum power point tracking points (MPPT) with efficiency up to 98.2% and European efficiency up to 97.4%. The MPPT voltage range is 200V to 850V, and the maximum PV output is 22.5kW for 15kW inverters and 49.5kW for 33kW units. The maximum input voltage is 1000 V.

“The Sunways STH-15 ~ 33KTL inverter is designed to handle three-phase imbalance and offers versatile communication options for seamless integration with a variety of systems,” the manufacturer said in a statement. “Its versatile switching function enables easy adaptation to different solution requirements.”

The inverters are IP65 protected and operate in a temperature range of -30 C to 60 C. They are supplied with lithium-ion batteries ranging from 200 V to 800 V and support a maximum charge/discharge current of 50 A.

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