Toshiba Carrier won the innovation award for heat pump compressor technology



Toshiba Carrier has been recognized at Japan’s National Invention Awards 2023 for its innovative discharge port design in multi-cylinder rotary piston compressors for heat pumps. The technology solves the problem of overheating, which improves heating power and efficiency.

The technology is used in multi-cylinder rotary piston compressors of heat pumps. In a statement, Toshiba-Carrier explained by optimizing the structure of the “exhaust port” that squeezes the compressed refrigerant outside the cylinders.

The design minimizes problems commonly seen in high-capacity devices, including loss of discharge volume, pulse discharge, and distorted axis of rotation. The compressor is also claimed to display lower sounds and higher efficiency.

“The invention plays a major role in achieving high energy efficiency and low noise levels, while saving materials, using fewer compressors and simplified piping design,” said Tsutomu Masamoto, Toshiba Carrier’s Chief Technology Officer.

The National Invention Awards of Japan were established in 1919 to promote scientific and technological innovation in Japan. It recognizes exceptional inventions, devices and designs that have produced or are expected to produce significant achievements.

More information about the technology can be found here, in Japanese.

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