A new portable system uses PV to produce potable water from moisture in the air



British researchers have developed Solar2Water, a system that produces twice as much water as traditional atmospheric water generators. The system works efficiently with the same energy input regardless of air humidity and is based exclusively on solar electricity.

The patented solution overcomes the limitations of traditional atmospheric water generators by producing a constant amount of water regardless of air humidity and producing twice the amount of water with the same energy consumption.

Solar2Water runs exclusively on solar energy, with two solar panels and a battery for continuous use. Its creators emphasize its user-friendly design and robust construction, which enables use in any environment without special training.

Professor Muhammad Wakil Shahzad of Northumbria University received seed funding from the university to develop Solar2Water. After securing concept funding from the Northern Accelerator, Shahzad and his team successfully developed a pilot system capable of producing 15-20 liters of drinking water per day.

The goal is to expand the water production capacity to 50 liters per day in order to provide enough drinking water for the small community.

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