An Indian startup presents a 5 kWh storage system based on an end-of-life electric car battery



India’s Lohum has designed a 5 kWh energy storage system in collaboration with MG Motor India as part of efforts to develop second-life solutions for used EV batteries.

Noida-based Lohum has launched an off-grid, 5 kWh battery energy storage system (BESS) made from end-of-life electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

The company said its energy storage product will meet the essential energy needs of urban and rural India, while solving the end-of-life problem of electric vehicle batteries and organizing the battery waste sector. BESS provides uninterrupted power supply even in areas where the network infrastructure is unreliable.

The battery warehouse is Lohum’s first product in cooperation with MG Motor, which has created a comprehensive ecosystem for the reuse and lifecycle management of used electric car batteries.

“With our expertise in battery material recycling and low-carbon processing, we will play a key role in ensuring the efficient use of MG’s electric car batteries. By redesigning these batteries as BESSs, we are helping to make the clean energy transition circular and address the critical need for reliable power in community centers,” said Lohum.

The project exploits the potential of used batteries by reusing them as battery energy storage products (BESS), effectively extending their life cycle and optimizing the use of resources.

Lohum’s patented reuse technology is used to maximize the cells’ potential before recycling, utilizing healthy cells with a long remaining life (RUL) to build a sustainable second-life BESS for a wide range of clean energy applications.

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